Wearable Medical & Healthcare Ver02 Patent Landscape Analytics (20230407172344)

The principle focus of this report is to create a slightly narrowed patent analytics landscape around the wearable medical and wearable healthcare technology domain. The domain collection for this report was created using the keyword phrases "wearable medical" OR "wearable health" as the boolean query into Google’s BigQuery ‘patents.publications’ dataset. Patent documents included in the domain collection are those that match the boolean query in either the document title, abstract, or claims, but NOT in the description section. This patent landscape analytics report is slightly narrower than the initial version of this report that was published on my Medium media channel or on my Moeller Ventures website. These other reports matched these exact keyword phrases across the titles, abstracts, claims, and also the patent document descriptions. The emphasis of this report in narrowing the query to only the titles, abstracts, and claims is to attempt to better identify the patent documents with inventions that focus on wearable health and medical technology, and not include patent documents that simply mention wearable health or medical technology as part of some background or overview explanation included in the patent document description section. The patent documents query was executed on a worldwide basis across all US and international patent documents contained in Google’s dataset.
Version: 20230407172344
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Date: 10/31/2023
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