is a web property of Moeller Ventures LLC ( and provides interactive dashboard reports focused on actionable business intelligence to help companies improve market positioning and gain strategic advantage. The AlphaDataIQ platform is designed to incorporate virtually any data or information resource and leverage nearly any data science tool or cloud computing environment. This includes open-source intelligence resources available on the Web (OSINT resources) as well as subscription services, client-proprietary databases, or Dark Web information. Various data science tools and cloud computing environments are utilized in a back-end compute and data-flow architecture that autonomously mines the required information, processes it with the appropriate analytics, AI, or machine learning procedures, and produces interactive HTML dashboard reports for the website. The dashboards can be automatically updated on the AlphaDataIQ website where the information can be consumed online, or the fully interactive dashboards can be downloaded for local execution within a client web browser. Past projects have encompassed intellectual property analysis (PatSnap, Google patent information), Google’s BigQuery datasets (‘patents.publications’, SureChEMBL), research article databases (PubMed), government resources (FDA, FCC, USPTO,, financial and economic analysis (Edgar Online, Financial Modeling Prep), and others. Executed project domains have covered medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, digital and connected health, wearables, telemedicine, IoT (Internet-of-Things), and wireless communications.
AlphaDataIQ provides focused dashboard reports for general-purpose public consumption as well as confidential reports for private clients. For more information contact Jim Moeller via the AlphaDataIQ Contact webpage.